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About Us

Just as coral forms colonies for mutual benefit, humans must come together to take our best ideas to the next level. If we choose to take from the Earth for our livelihood, we must give back to it in return. With all of us working together, we can enjoy the beauty and wonder of these magnificent sea creatures, and at the same time take care of their natural home so it stays healthy for future generations.

About Eric and Darby Perry

Any fragger living in southern California can identify Eric Perry at a distance. He looks like a piece of coral in his tie-dyed t-shirts. Eric is also easy to pick out in the crowd at Anaheim’s Reef-A-Palooza every year. His wife Darby is a hairdresser by day, helps run their business, and is a regular at the coral shows, too.

Eric has loved animals and animal husbandry all his life. Coral took center stage when he talked his way into a part-time job at the Sand Bar Pet Shop in Mission Viejo, CA when he was sixteen. Over time, he took on more responsibilities and eventually turned it into a full-time position. Years later, Eric and Darby reached a deal with the owner to buy Sand Bar Pet Shop which they still own and run today.

Because he’s been involved in the coral community for so long, Eric knows it inside and out. His dedication to his customers, the community, and our planet energizes him. From this energy, he formulates great ideas which he puts into action for everyone’s benefit. Eric’s biggest and boldest idea to date is driving him and Darby to transform Sand Bar Pet Shop and to change the world of coral aquaculture for the better.

Coral is our passion. A healthy planet is our vision. Sustainability is our goal.

About Sand Bar Coral Farms

Sand Bar Coral Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Mission Viejo, CA, specializing in rare, hard-to-source corals as well as the familiar favorites. Their stock of happy, healthy, and sustainably sourced corals, clams, and invertebrates are meticulously cared for using automated monitoring systems and protocols that allow them to produce consistent stock and set up safe quarantines when needed.

Owners Eric and Darby Perry are proud of their efforts to educate people about reef aquarium husbandry at Sand Bar Coral Farms and through their online forum on Reef2Reef. The farm offers a wide range of free educational workshops to suit beginners and experts. The Sand Bar Coral Farms forum on Reef2Reef is home to helpful dedicated fraggers and enthusiastic noobs who share their knowledge, experiences, and of course, photos of their beloved polyps.